New Release

Kris Kennaway kkenn at
Tue Apr 19 12:02:49 PDT 2005

On 2005-04-19, Danial Thom <danial_thom at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> It would be great if you could send an actual
>> bug report (i.e. with
>> details instead of emotional terms like
>> 'clunky') to an appropriate
>> freebsd mailing list.
> I read some threads on the subject and it seems
> that anyone who says anything negative
> performance-wise is first told how great the
> latest release is and that he should upgrade, and
> then 20 guys will try to explain away his
> findings with some other minutia that has nothing
> to do with the problem. My personal opinion is
> that Freebsd 5.x is an abortion, and I don't know
> how to file a problem report that says that the
> OS design sucks in general. So I thought I'd just
> try something else.

Fine, good luck with that.  Perhaps Linux will suit your amd64 needs.


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