Bridging Broken in 1.2?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Apr 18 11:03:11 PDT 2005

:I've reported this problem before. The loadable bridge module in 
:DragonFly is broken in that ARP is not handled correctly. The DragonFly 
:box is unreachable from the bridged interfaces that have no IP address 
:The solution is to build a custom kernel with "options BRIDGE" defined.
:Joerg in his follow up said he doesn't want to support bridging as a 
:module just yet.

    It sounds like it 'almost' works, though.  I will spend some time
    today to see if it can be easily made to work as a loadable module.

    In the mean time.  Danial... if you are using the loadable module
    method could you try building it into the kernel and tell us if
    that fixes your problem?


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