Builging/Installing X.org

walt wa1ter at myrealbox.com
Sat Apr 16 05:26:37 PDT 2005

glenn at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 I tried a 'from scratch' install of DFly 1.2 and still have not had any
luck building X.org from the /usr/dfports :( The first problem that
needed to be solved was to build Perl5.8 from the /usr/ports/lang
collection. This is aparanetly removed from 1.2 and is a dependency to
build X.org. Then I encountered an error:
cc1: Invalid option 'tune=pentiumpro'
That's a strange error.  That option is intended for gcc34 but it looks
like it's being passed to gcc2 for some reason.
In your /etc/make.conf do you set the CPUTYPE or CCVER or machine type,
anything like that?

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