Bill Hacker wbh at
Thu Apr 14 15:31:05 PDT 2005

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:

If I recall correctly US was the only country in the NATO not using NATO 
standard codings.

That sure sounds 'Merican' ;-)

3.5 rocket launcher was still calibrated in 'yards', as of 65-68,
- but all else was in meters.  Well, at least it wasn't in 'arshins'  ;-),
There was a passage in the Soviet 'Order of Battle' (equivalent) that warned
Russian Officers not to bother trying to scope out what an American 
Commander might do by reading the American 'Order of Battle' (which they 
had copies of),  "Because the Americans don't read or follow it themselves."

Same could be said of books on coding in C... ducks and runs   ;-)


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