Bill Hacker wbh at
Thu Apr 14 12:08:51 PDT 2005

Matthew Dillon wrote:

   Cool'n quiet is a tad more complex then that... for systems with
   ACPI-controllable cpu frequencies you can cut the power even more
   (a lot more) then what you get with HLT.
RCA 1802.  Drop the clock to steady-state, then ramp-up as needed ;-)
Fairchild version still in use in F-15's AFAIK,  JOVIAL has a MIL-SPEC 

   We don't do any idle-heuristic at the momjent to use that feature
   automatically, but it's a good idea (assuming it can be made
ACK.     Built to MIL-T-FP41 specs, hopefully...


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