Bill Hacker wbh at
Thu Apr 14 10:14:49 PDT 2005

Claus Assmann wrote:

Does DragonFly BSD support in some way the Cool&Quiet feature of AMD64?
Any other *BSD maybe? It would be nice to reduce the noise as the CPU
is most of the time not doing much.
AFAIK, all that needs is dynamic fan control.
And/or heat-pipes, copper (3X as conductive as Aluminum), and slower/no 

A HLT is a HLT, and not a lot of power dissipated.

Interesting trick in Warp SMP - under light load it round-robin idles 
each CPU at one-second intervals.

That's 'cool' ;-)

(and shouldn't be all that hard to duplicate... if/as/when..)

And no, I haven't looked into how it did that and still serviced 
interrupts bound to the 'primary' CPU on Intel HAL 1.1/1.2, let alone 
anything modern. Probably 'almost, but not quite' idle.


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