Looking for pkgsrc bulk builds machine

John Leimon jleimon at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 11 18:34:27 PDT 2005

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

If anyone has a machine to donate (even short-term) for pkgsrc bulk builds
under DragonFly, please let me know. If you can host it that would be good
A couple weeks ago, I started doing bulk builds under FreeBSD
5.3-RELEASE-p? of pkgsrc and it is going well. I have around 2189
completed. (And this is with only a little over half attempted and doing
all installs without any root permissions which causes many difficulties
but is do-able.)
I am a pkgsrc committer/developer. I ported pkgsrc to BSD/OS. (Anyone
still use BSD/OS?). For a couple years, I have ran complete Linux systems
using all components built from pkgsrc. (Yes, I pkgsrc-ized the
linux-kernel, glibc, util-linux, linux-nfs-utils, sysvinit, vixie-cron,
iptables, etc.)
I am guessing around 6 to 8 GB is needed for the distfiles. And maybe
around 10 GB for near all packages built. Also some port to access the
generated logs would be useful (such as mini_httpd or bozohttpd on port
$ du -sh pkgsrc/distfiles
3.8G    pkgsrc/distfiles
$ du -sh pub/pub/pkgsrc/packages/FreeBSD/5.3/i386/All
1.9G    pub/pub/pkgsrc/packages/FreeBSD/5.3/i386/All
This is 2195 packages built. My current bulk build is at:
2192/5453=40.2% complete
I am volunteering to help DragonFly with pkgsrc. (Or if you'd like to fund
work, I am open to that too :) If you can provide a bulk build box, I can
help resolve some issues.
(Please carbon-copy me on replies.)

 Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. Also is anyone in the Bellingham, Washington, USA area -- who can
help work at BSD advocacy booth or do a BSD lecture for LinuxFest
Northwest? (Over 1000 attended last two years.)
Hi Jeremy,

I don't know if you still need the computing for the bulk pkgsrc builds 
but I will have a dual p3 1.2 ghz up and running within a few hours. I 
can make you an account if it would help. Connection is 350kB/in 40kB/out.


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