Sendmail on installer CD

Jonas Sundström jonas at
Mon Apr 11 15:52:49 PDT 2005

Emiel Kollof <coolvibe at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jonas Sundström wrote:
> > Is there a reason for Sendmail being enabled on the installer CD?
> Yes: the base system needs an MTA. And since ours is maintained by 
> gshapiro (afaicr he has commit access right?) it's not stale and/or 
> insecure, although personal preference may vary.
> If you don't like sendmail, use something else. The ports and pkgsrc 
> systems are chock full of stuff you can use instead of sendmail :)

That's not what I meant. :)

I was wondering whether or not Sendmail has an actual
purpose, being on, when booting off the dfly installer CD,
and if not, have it disabled (for the CD only).

(There being a /etc and a /etc.hdd on the CD.)

/Jonas Sundström.      

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