Sendmail on installer CD

Bill Hacker wbh at
Mon Apr 11 14:34:56 PDT 2005

Jonas Sundström wrote:

Is there a reason for Sendmail being enabled on the installer CD?

/Jonas Sundström.        

Covered a while back.  My recollection is that UNIX boxen have a lot
of things that expect an MTA, even for logs that need not leave the box.
Sendmail is 'white bread' w/r *BSD, and those actually intending a
serious MTA use will make their own choices post-install, Sendmail or 

Easy enough to disable or at least configure to send chron reports,
and AFAIK, the default settings do not get one into trouble w/r
open relay or exploits.
FWIW, Exim drops right into place on DragonFly, pkgsrc, port
or developer tarball.  Others should do so as well.

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