Is DragonFly for me (i'm a NetBSD user)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Apr 10 10:31:36 PDT 2005

    It's really iffy, Bruno.  The sleep mode and video brightness is not
    well supported on laptops.  Most will do S1, but S3 is problematic.
    Video brightness from the keyboard is not likely to work, either.  The
    cpu power saving modes (on-batt/off-batt) should work.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

:I'm using NetBSD since many years mainly because il like BSD and as i
:primarily use ARM and POWERPC based computer. But now that i've buyed
:an Panasonic CF-R3 sublaptop, which is x86 based. The problem come from the
:lack of ACPI suspend, no support for the special key (screen brightness, sound
:volume, etc) and no BlueTooth with NetBSD.
:I've tried GNU/Linux Debian but i definitly prefer BSD ;-)
:Apparently FreeBSD support all this, but DragonFly ?
:It's not clear as the doc is the one from FreeBSD.
:I do not want to download the distribution because i've got only a 
:GPRS Internet Access which is slow and expensive.
:What i need:
:- Enhanced SpeedStep control (the estd do that for NetBSD very well)
:- BlueTooth (i've got a pcmcia/cf BlueMonkey but can buy something else)
:- ACPI suspend (to ram or to disk)
:- Possibility to change screen brightness with/without the special key
:Bluetooth is one of the more important because i need this for internet access.
:If DFBSD can do all or part of this, i will buy it on CD.
:Thanks beforhand
:Bruno D'Arcangeli <bruno.darcangeli at xxxxxxxxxxx>

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