NFS, DVD Playback

James Frazer jfrazer at
Sat Apr 9 23:25:22 PDT 2005


I think I fixed the problem (of /home not mounting) by commenting 
this out in fstab:

/dev/ad0s3g            /home           ufs     rw    2   2

Somehow I didn't see that.  Although, I'm still not entirely 
sure why the NFS share didn't just get mounted over it anyway?
(like what happens when you mount it via the CLI)

On Sat, 09 Apr 2005 12:15:40 -0700, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     You are missing a colon:
> /usr -alldirs -maproot=root -network -mask
> /usr -alldirs -maproot=root: -network -mask
> 			   ^
> 			   note colon.
> 						-Matt

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