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Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Apr 9 11:15:29 PDT 2005

:On Sun, Apr 10, 2005 at 12:36:00AM -0500, James Frazer wrote:
:> So it must be some strange peculiarity with /home on the client.  I
:> tried removing /home and re-making the dir, but that didn't seem to
:> have any effect either.
:Or the /home line in /etc/fstab contains garbage. If this is the case,
:# mount todger:/home /home
:works, but
:# mount /home
:doesn't work.

    My test boxes have an issue mounting the first NFS mount in the
    fstab on boot, but they just print a warning and background the
    mount, then try again a few seconds later and get it.

    This is what I usually have:

    crater:/cvs             /cvs            nfs     ro,bg           0       0

    Maybe there is a bug when one is not doing a 'bg' mount.  There are 
    several things that happen during startup that can cause initial NFS
    mounts to fail:

    * The ethernet may take longer to come up then expected.  This is 
      especially true of 'em' ethernet devices.  The system winds up 
      trying to run the first NFS mount before the ethernet has come 
      completely up.

    * For the same reason DNS may take longer to come up then expected.
      This theoretically is not supposed to cause the NFS mount to fail,
      though, just take longer.

    You should be getting some sort of error line printed on the console
    during startup for the NFS mount(s) that failed.  Look carefully for

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