NFS, DVD Playback

Jason M. Leonard fuzz at
Sat Apr 9 10:25:24 PDT 2005

On Sat, 9 Apr 2005, James Frazer wrote:

When the machine boots, one of my NFS file systems (/home)
always fails to mount (but gives no error).
The relevant lines from fstab are:
trogdor:/usr/ports      /usr/ports      nfs     rw   0   0
trogdor:/home           /home           nfs     rw   0   0
However, I have no problem mounting this after logging in with a
"mount trogdor:/home /home" ... I've tried a number of different
combinations, such as changing the order in fstab, and using the
full server name.  Nothing seems to make it work the way it should.
Is /home its own partition on the server or is it a symlink to (for 
example) /usr/home?  I have run into a similar issue trying to export a 


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