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Bill Hacker wbh at
Mon Apr 4 12:59:21 PDT 2005

Eduardo Tongson wrote:

Usually nowadays,
when such a major disruptive upgrade happens, detailed portupgrade
instructions are posted on the lists, and things still seem to go
wrong for users.

was it pkgdb -Uu or portupgrade -UuUUUU + the make index etc etc.
And most? of FreeBSD ports are duplicates-flavors anyway and many dont
build properly.
While in pkgsrc world around  <2% only failed to build
plus I can take pkgsrc to linux with me
"Yeah, but" ....

Some of the ports will be more current.

Most of the ports that 'don't build properly' are not even *in* pkgsrc.
(and arguably should not be, perhaps in *either* ports or pkg)
If a port doesn't build, I have the source and can at least attempt a fix
(usually successful, though I don't claim to code C). Not so the pkg.
There are always at least 2 or 3 things I need that are not 'current enough'
in *either* ports or pkgsrc, and must be built from developer's tarball. 

Understand this:  I am *very pleased* to have such a good tool as 
pkgsrc!  Very!

But I don't see that as 'cause' to drop ports (or the reverse).

In fact - the specific features of each are sufficiently different I 
don't see
why we are carrying on about a 'comparison',

It's like comparing hatching an egg, giving live-birth,
. ... or 'adult adoption' ...of the offspring from either one.
"Wel... lesse, the Road Island Red Rooster over there is my adopted son,
and the Poland China sow is my adopted daughter.
But the Lotus-Seven roadster, OTOH, I built from a kit,
so I guess that my only 'natural' child here.
But we are working on frying chicken and bacon on the engine so we don't 
need pigs or
poultry any more...  Some South African guy has already done it, but 
with a VW Beetle
engine, potatoes, and old soldiers...


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