Semantic change of "device pcm"

Erik Wikström erik-wikstrom at
Sun Apr 3 09:20:31 PDT 2005

"David Rhodus" <sdrhodus at xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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> On Apr 2, 2005 8:12 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Hi all,
> > please note that in -CURRENT "device pcm" is now splitted into
> > "device pcm" and "device snd". Including support for individual
> > sound cards is now possible. The device is named like the module
> > and "device pcm" is needed once. So use something like
> >         device pcm
> >         device snd_ich
> > When the module name contains a digit, you have to quote it,
> > otherwise config thinks it is a numbered device, so do
> >         device "snd_sb8"
> >
> > Joerg
> >
> So now I've got to try and track down how to make my sound card work
again. :-(

I don't think this will be so hard, Linux uses this model and I believe
FreeBSD 5.3 too. If I remember correctly FBSD had a script which tried to
load every soundcard-module until one worked. That way it was easy to find
which to used and you could then make that one load automatically at boot.

Erik Wikström

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