More art

Bill Hacker wbh at
Fri Apr 1 02:38:50 PST 2005

Eduardo Tongson wrote:

Sorry, I know you've all seen a lot of DF art but here's another one:


In the interest of anatomical accuracy.....
a 'proper' Dragonfly..

Either way it still looks good for a "mutated" dragonfly
I think to make it a bit more dragonfly add another set of wings
zera, do you have a transparent png of your unusual dragonfly?
And how 'bout a head like 'D. Mon' - with a wink and a grin?
. ... horny bug(gers), Dragonfly's is   ;-)
. .and 3 pair of green sneakers?

(..this ain't gonna 'fly' on Wall Street anyway...)


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