netboot services, Soekris 4801

Jonas Sundström jonas at
Fri Apr 15 12:27:59 PDT 2005

Anyone used it successfully?

All the usual stuff rolls past, key generation, and the last thing 
displayed is the date, which I suppose is pretty much right before the 
login prompt should appear, and then nothing more happens, AFAIK. No 
login prompt. No cursor. 

This is with a Soekris 4801, serial cable and either 
HyperTerminal in Windows XP or SerialConnect in BeOS.

(There's an issue with the BTX loader output, probably caused 
by the 4801's graphics being redirected to the serial port,
resulting in duplicate output, but that's only at first. 
When the kernel starts the output isn't garbled anymore.)

/Jonas Sundström.              

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