NFS, DVD Playback

Janet Sullivan ciscogeek at
Sat Apr 9 09:32:51 PDT 2005

James Frazer wrote:

When the machine boots, one of my NFS file systems (/home) 
always fails to mount (but gives no error).  
The relevant lines from fstab are:

trogdor:/usr/ports      /usr/ports      nfs     rw   0   0 
trogdor:/home           /home           nfs     rw   0   0

However, I have no problem mounting this after logging in with a 
"mount trogdor:/home /home" ... I've tried a number of different 
combinations, such as changing the order in fstab, and using the 
full server name.  Nothing seems to make it work the way it should.
What happens if you replace the machine name in fstab with the machine's 
IP address?  (i.e.  Perhaps you have a name resolution 
problem during startup.

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