linuxpluginwrapper, how to install?

Guillermo Garcia Rojas garciarojas at
Fri Apr 1 08:41:54 PST 2005

I was using libmap_dfly-current.diff.gz, now I used
libmap_dfly-20050330.diff.gz and worked fine, but both are dated March 30,
same time, and same size.


On Fri, 01 Apr 2005 08:21:57 +0900, YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 12:52:27PM -0600, Guillermo Garcia Rojas wrote:
>> I just cvsuped at this moment and applied the current.diff.gz patch and
>> failed in HUNK #1 at 55
>> on March 29 it worked fine, but today it doesn't.
> Are you sure you're using the latest patch?

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