Rum rumko at
Mon Sep 27 08:29:42 PDT 2004

em i cannot compile it, after changing all __FreeBSD__ to __DragonFly__ i tried
compiling and i get:
c++ -DDRIVER_TABLE_FILE=\"/usr/local/share/cdrdao/drivers\" -O -pipe 
-mtune=pentiumpro   -o cdrdao  main.o -L. -ldao -L../paranoia -lcdda_paranoia 
-L../trackdb -ltrackdb -L../scsilib/export -lscg -lschily -lcam
/usr/libexec/binutils214/elf/ld: cannot find -lscg
gmake[2]: *** [cdrdao] Error 1
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/dfports/sysutils/cdrdao/work/cdrdao-1.1.9/dao'

what am i to do? and if im not mistaken there are packages of cdrdao ... but
it is not in the dfports, how come?

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