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Wed Jun 29 16:50:20 PDT 2022

may be use different type of terminal. I execute dfui* thru putty.

Oh, OK.  Yes, that could be affecting it.  See if you can change your
TERM setting to something like "vt100-color" while using putty.
It sounds like dfuife_curses is detecting that your terminal doesn't
support colours, and is switching to "monochrome mode", which was never
well tested (and as you point out, it doesn't highlight the focused
widget properly.)  I'll work on making it more usable, if I can find
some time in the next few days.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I also 
tried to run the dfui* directly in the monitor (a LCD monitor) that 
attached to the BSD machine, but the edge of the widge becomes
999999999  and there is no colour.

That's really kind of bizarre.  What kind of monitor/video card is this?

Finally got this solved by removing the "set term=... " line in the 
. cshrc file.



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