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I investigated a bit and it turned out to be as follows:

Hard links on cd9660 all have different inode numbers, even though the hard link count is correct (this can be checked by ls -li in /usr/share/initrd of a live CD). Due to the inodes, copying them off the CD will create individual files. This is what caused our initrd to overflow when the installer tried to create it (shown in the /tmp/install.log, as you pointed out). This is also the reason why you saw the /usr/share/initrd directory taking the same 227MB in the installed system.

I pushed some fixes for this, which I'll MFC to the 4.0 branch too, and we'll roll 4.0.4 probably very soon.

Regarding the system you installed, if you rebuild/install your world in it and do another 'make rescue' then, the initrd should be back to being complete.

Regarding vi(1) and undo(1): I see them both in a non-broken initrd. I guess they are just missing in yours because the initrd is broken. Or I misunderstood you.

Submit #2798: mkinitrd insufficient default size, triggerred by installer

* Author: opvalues
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Using DragonFly 4.0.3-RELEASE #27, 
mkinitrd has a default size of 15MB, 
but it needs about 232MB to contain /usr/share/initrd wholly.
This should be evident on most systems with
> grep -A4 initrd /var/log/install.log | head -n 12

/etc/mkinitrd.conf or /etc/defaults/mkinitrd.conf should probably be increased.
Is there any reason to keep the smaller INITRD_SIZE="15m" setting?

Also, can a static /bin/vi and /sbin/undo please be included in /usr/share/initrd?
It would be a great help with repairing configuration mistakes.
Thank you.

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