[DragonFlyBSD - Submit #2764] (Closed) [PATCH] sys/vfs/hammer: fix comments regarding obsolete "spike" code

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Issue #2764 has been updated by tkusumi.

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Applied in changeset commit:fd1fcc1aa7ed3a271a6a5e3cb3c7a70518b17ea2.

Submit #2764: [PATCH] sys/vfs/hammer: fix comments regarding obsolete "spike" code

* Author: tkusumi
* Status: Closed
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: tuxillo
* Category: VFS subsystem
* Target version: 4.2.x
This patch fixes comments regarding "spike" code that only existed in early days of hammer development. The spike comments have been left unchanged even after the code was removed in 47197d71536907482d2d215e222600eed3aedc0e.
This patch is kernel cleanup in addition to userspace cleanup http://bugs.dragonflybsd.org/issues/2761. These two patches get rid of spike code at least in grep level.

\# git checkout master
git Already on 'master'
\# git pull
Already up-to-date.
\# grep -nrIi spike sys/vfs/hammer sbin/hammer
sys/vfs/hammer/hammer_cursor.c:645:      * a spike then the current node must be a leaf node.
sys/vfs/hammer/hammer_btree.c:1011: * the spike), but ENOSPC is returned.
sys/vfs/hammer/hammer_btree.c:1318:              * to a leaf to provide the spike code with a good point
sys/vfs/hammer/hammer_btree.c:1463:      * (ENOENT) or spike (ENOSPC) operation.
sys/vfs/hammer/hammer_btree.c:1794:      * Spikes are made up of two leaf elements which cannot be
sbin/hammer/cmd_show.c:49:                      int depth, int spike, hammer_tid_t mirror_tid,
sbin/hammer/cmd_show.c:113:             int depth, int spike, hammer_tid_t mirror_tid,
sbin/hammer/cmd_show.c:146:     if (spike == 0) {
sbin/hammer/cmd_show.c:225:                                              search, depth + 1, spike,
\# git checkout -b test
Switched to a new branch 'test'
\# git am ./0001-sbin-hammer-remove-obsolete-spike-code-from-hammer-s.patch
Applying: sbin/hammer: remove obsolete "spike" code from hammer show command
\# git am ./0001-sys-vfs-hammer-fix-comments-regarding-obsolete-spike.patch
Applying: sys/vfs/hammer: fix comments regarding obsolete "spike" code
\# grep -nrIi spike sys/vfs/hammer sbin/hammer

0001-sys-vfs-hammer-fix-comments-regarding-obsolete-spike.patch (4.49 KB)

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