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Issue #2854 has been updated by shamaz.

What is so special about ET_DYN_LOAD_ADDR? Is it really important to keep backward compatibility when vm.randomize_mmap=0? PIE code doesn't care where it is loaded in memory, no matter if it's randomized or not. Treat it like a shared library. Also it will not cause any trouble to userland programs, because world and ports are compiled as normal executables, not as PIEs. Currently, vm.randomize_mmap is only checked in vm_map_hint(), do you really want to check it somewhere else, making the code more complex and harder to understand? If you want, I can try to build some apps from DPorts with -pie flag and check if they are working (already tried flac decoder), just name it. If you want to keep ET_DYN_LOAD_ADDR, I'll just give up ) It is simpy a macro from FreeBSD which does not support ASLR at all.

Submit #2854: Support for place independent executables

* Author: shamaz
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Kernel
* Target version: 
Hello. If you launch a PIE, the loader will map it in memory to a fixed
position (ET_DYN_LOAD_ADDR). This patch changes this behaviour and makes
the loader respect vm.randomize_map sysctl.

pie.patch (1.98 KB)
pie2.patch (2.18 KB)
pie3.patch (2.11 KB)

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