[DragonFlyBSD - Submit #2583] (New) please enable AHCI for nvidia MCP79

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Issue #2583 has been reported by edwberger.

Submit #2583: please enable AHCI for nvidia MCP79

* Author: edwberger
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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I finally got around to trying to fix AHCI for my ASUS AT3N7A-1 atom/ion
motherboard machine,
after noting an OpenBSD user's experience with the same motherboard.  It
appears dragonfly is
not up to date with nvidia AHCI PCI devices and the ahci attach code needs
After making the below changes and building kernel, I'm able to boot with
the BIOS set to AHCI mode.
Other nvidia motherboards are probably similarly affected by missing PCI
and attach info.

Added PCI-ID for nvidia MCP79 AHCI according to openbsd ahci bugfix posted
as http://openbsd.7691.n7.nabble.com/MPC79-in-AHCI-mode-td73751.html

changes for ASUS AT3N7A-1 motherboard bios set for AHCI

$ diff pcidevs.h pcidevs.h.orig
< #define PCI_PRODUCT_NVIDIA_MCP79_AHCI_1 0x0ab8                /* MCP79

$ diff ahci_attach.c ahci_attach.c.orig
<           ahci_nvidia_mcp_attach, ahci_pci_detach, "NVidia-MCP79-SATA" },

Ed Berger
edwberger at gmail.com

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