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commit 53f03f860510297f1a26260abca206704e0d1f0e
commit 8b96223a3ba583d35eba28a6fc214985bf87c73e
commit 0a66de84cae8627c3ce35b6526f38261d18e541e
commit 55cc853624aa12270e0786453e1f2fef6e047b17
commit 178c5ad4e532e4c68b8148c2477e411ba3639acb
commit e6e7e7c139fe36a90d797b08690d309bbc62aed7
commit a6c7286058a3a8feee23bce4b2d3d52ce1f5878f
commit 902b08bcb843ab98a01cd21e2e4facd623d2fc3e
commit 3149d375605f1bae1af49d039a2a17bf634d9563
commit aee6584daed0c00486ff8d15eb9764cb9a67bf72
commit ac58e50c6493ed95cbb6066e6d153cb9db0c0dc4
commit 1385a6a5232dce989d68572b32ed1a38c3ecdc35
commit b46c3c82adfc31b9d25e57ec042e75a0e8ef05fe
commit d7143ca912a9120387836104a7274eef9b82f9cd
commit ba1e976ff214f97674e810bc6f2c1e2e444817f3
commit e966498510aab0e9decd97b584ec48cead3efd17
commit 119de7c20d207cfc51d87582f40ad036c65eda21
commit 063536054b5ffd1aed4ef7b7eeff4251fc51ece3
commit 0909f7982383f5d512b64b9a49b2dff9f3dbac66
commit 82b1a9c13d3d5f354661cbfe0de226b7cea99b7d
commit c9e5d4133355faf9ab2038ec348139f60e25eab1
commit 58b02238cf9f1f7fbda5644dde6f589f7f01756c
commit 8f55a6942a783a61a0591f543d4a6593babf540b
commit c7435db9fc0b510bd36ce9418fd0d82fb3a6a869
commit 9a8e62257002ed5a1e221fe247278cba5f35f9eb
commit bb091a26ed84f42a24446e0fdbc5da8048684275
commit 9278355d3eff69f7e3a317fe610614f8e960373d
commit dd2616f83a8bfbc69be955139ccc159ab8241ba6
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commit a48a177f7bf540655450c6b15584d99c5eb876f2
commit b728b13e9108d7e795b388bb68439d4adfb014e2
commit 79b751508d4ea96fbca17bccc1aada87f5f8f80f
commit 49191e0f0468150d8a882b9aad15421e5cf4504e
commit 530b6fa9bdc0d2e4b54f0bd2f76fed3b761fe794
commit cf15336d8b41277be4ec721ad66922829c5c9336
commit 9c8a834aeb0d9be722d5a15d8cab8c0e5444f41c
commit df747d8a79103af27f9dcb69b19f48278560a56f
commit 512a01735b184a9e2981efa1d8ba9d70bf08a2e5
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commit 0b2472ede85d495a26060f53cbb295ff964418b3

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Submit #2271: netgraph7: request for review

Author: Nuno Antunes
Status: Closed
Priority: Normal
Target version: 

Hello all and happy new year!

I would like to push the following changes, related to netgraph7:


These have been sitting in my local tree for quite some time (a couple
of years), and because of that they have grown a bit.. I have been
tracking the master changes so this work still builds. Occasionally, I
also added a few more modules to the build. I'm posting this here to
ask for review or at least a go-ahead-and-commit from someone.

I was able to test some modules, e.g ng_ether, but most of them are
just compile tested. I would really like to test with mpd [1] but
there are still a few modules left to be able to do that. Also, there
are still some modules available in legacy netgraph that are not
available in netgraph7 so it should not become the default.

Here is the summary of changes, taken from the commit messages.

* Translate objcache calls.
* Translate uma_zone to objcache.
* Introduce libnetgraph7 (it's compiled when WANT_NETGRAPH7 is defined).
* The build of netgraph7 kernel part is also conditionalized by the
WANT_NETGRAPH7 make variable.
* Convert netgraph netisr to a real taskqueue. This fixes a deadlock
specific to dragonfly.
* Improve ng_ether KPI consistency between legacy netgraph and netgraph7.
* uipc: Import mbuf utility function m_unshare() from FreeBSD
* convert lockmgr locks into mutexes.

Add the following modules to the build:
* Welcome ng_socket.
* Welcome ng_async.
* Welcome ng_UI.
* Welcome ng_ether.
* Welcome ng_hole.
* Welcome ng_cisco.
* Welcome ng_iface.
* Welcome ng_tee.
* Welcome ng_atmllc.
* Welcome ng_bpf.
* Welcome ng_vjc.
* Welcome ng_tcpmss.
* Welcome ng_rfc1490.
* Welcome ng_hub.
* Welcome ng_pppoe.
* Welcome ng_one2many.
* Welcome ng_mppc.
* Welcome ng_ppp.
* Welcome ng_lmi.
* Welcome ng_l2tp.
* Welcome ng_frame_relay.
* Welcome ng_etf.
* Welcome ng_echo.
* Welcome ng_pptpgre.
* Welcome ng_deflate.
* Welcome ng_bridge.

I know that netgraph7 is no longer the latest and greatest but it
brings me a step closer to importing netgraph9 (or 10) later.


[1] http://mpd.sourceforge.net/

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