[DragonFlyBSD - Submit #2271] netgraph7: request for review

Nuno Antunes via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sat Jan 7 06:35:43 PST 2012

Issue #2271 has been reported by Nuno Antunes.

Submit #2271: netgraph7: request for review

Author: Nuno Antunes
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Target version: 

Hello all and happy new year!

I would like to push the following changes, related to netgraph7:


These have been sitting in my local tree for quite some time (a couple
of years), and because of that they have grown a bit.. I have been
tracking the master changes so this work still builds. Occasionally, I
also added a few more modules to the build. I'm posting this here to
ask for review or at least a go-ahead-and-commit from someone.

I was able to test some modules, e.g ng_ether, but most of them are
just compile tested. I would really like to test with mpd [1] but
there are still a few modules left to be able to do that. Also, there
are still some modules available in legacy netgraph that are not
available in netgraph7 so it should not become the default.

Here is the summary of changes, taken from the commit messages.

* Translate objcache calls.
* Translate uma_zone to objcache.
* Introduce libnetgraph7 (it's compiled when WANT_NETGRAPH7 is defined).
* The build of netgraph7 kernel part is also conditionalized by the
WANT_NETGRAPH7 make variable.
* Convert netgraph netisr to a real taskqueue. This fixes a deadlock
specific to dragonfly.
* Improve ng_ether KPI consistency between legacy netgraph and netgraph7.
* uipc: Import mbuf utility function m_unshare() from FreeBSD
* convert lockmgr locks into mutexes.

Add the following modules to the build:
* Welcome ng_socket.
* Welcome ng_async.
* Welcome ng_UI.
* Welcome ng_ether.
* Welcome ng_hole.
* Welcome ng_cisco.
* Welcome ng_iface.
* Welcome ng_tee.
* Welcome ng_atmllc.
* Welcome ng_bpf.
* Welcome ng_vjc.
* Welcome ng_tcpmss.
* Welcome ng_rfc1490.
* Welcome ng_hub.
* Welcome ng_pppoe.
* Welcome ng_one2many.
* Welcome ng_mppc.
* Welcome ng_ppp.
* Welcome ng_lmi.
* Welcome ng_l2tp.
* Welcome ng_frame_relay.
* Welcome ng_etf.
* Welcome ng_echo.
* Welcome ng_pptpgre.
* Welcome ng_deflate.
* Welcome ng_bridge.

I know that netgraph7 is no longer the latest and greatest but it
brings me a step closer to importing netgraph9 (or 10) later.


[1] http://mpd.sourceforge.net/

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