Add 7 more auxinfo types to support RTLD upgrade

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Feb 18 22:14:22 PST 2011

    Ok, I'm going to let Sascha handle this submission too.  I 
    talked with John a bit about it and here is my position:

    * For the sake of making the porting easier I'm O.K. with
      the userland side being implemented, with the exception
      of the PAGESIZES stuff.

    * I am very much <against> implementing any of the kernel side.
      I don't see any point whatsoever in these 'features' other than
      adding unnecessary complexity to the system just to replace
      a few system calls that already only take ~200ns to run or less.

    * Plus we also have our 'resident' utility.  I guess people might
      have forgotten that we have that.  It removes nearly all of the
      overhead of loading a complex dynamically linked program.  We
      don't need these added features in DFly to make things go faster.

    So, in summary, The #define's are ok, but the kernel shouldn't
    implement any of them (no kernel code or in-kernel structural
    changes).  The userland code support is ok, with the exception of
    the PAGESIZES sysctl stuff because I don't think we should implement
    any kernel side support for that, at least not the way they've got
    it setup.


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