[PATCH] rc.d/vkernel enhancements

Rumko rumcic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 12:41:52 PDT 2010

Rumko wrote:
> Changes:
> - added a vkernel_bin rc.conf var which sets the vkernel binary for all
> vkernels that don't specify their own (usually most/all vkernels use the same
> binary, so thought this would be useful)
> - the root img is no longer required for vkernels (e.g. diskless vkernels)
> - stopping vkernels requires a pidfile (it doesn't kill by binary name
> anymore) and after a set timeout (vkernel_kill_timeout) it does a SIGKILL if
> the vkernel has not shut down properly yet
> - when starting a vkernel, do not just check if the pidfile exists, but also
> if a process with that pid already exists
> - when starting a vkernel, also redirect STDIN due to some strange behaviour
> when not redirecting it (e.g. after the vkernel paniced, the arrow keys
> stopped functioning ... daemon(8) does not by default redirect STDIN so I
> guess the vkernel could still influence the controlling console?)

Also updated the rc.conf's man page to reflect these changes.
Please do not CC me, since I already receive everything from these MLs.

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