Suggestion: Removal of BIND from base / Import alternative DNS Library ldns / import dig replacement drill

Chris Turner c.turner at
Tue Mar 9 21:19:00 PST 2010

Jan Lentfer wrote:
> This made it necessary to also import the alternative DNS Library ldns
> (in which drill is included). In a second step ldns could also give us
> the opportunity to also make libc independent for BINDs resolver as it
> should provides it'S own resolver library. I guess all that needs to be
> done is to interface the res_* stuff from BIND to ldns.
Don't know anything about this library, save from what I could grok from 
a quick look.. what's the advantage of using it, instead of just ripping
out the minimum to support client lookups + userland from the ISC code?

(e.g. doesn't this just substitute one lesser known 3rd party software 
in contrib for another one, embedded into libc)

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