patch: update iwi(4)

Rui Paulo rpaulo at
Thu Apr 15 09:54:45 PDT 2010

On 15 Apr 2010, at 13:43, Johannes Hofmann wrote:

> Hi,
> is a patch to bring in the newest iwi(4) from FreeBSD.
> It basically works and I can associate via wpa2.
> There are some issues though that need to be resolved:
> * Locking is done completely with lockmgr locks as it is done for
>  ath now. What is the plan about if_serializer?
>  I noticed that e.g. parent_updown() in ieee80211_proto.c calls
>  if_ioctl without if_serializer held. Does this mean that
>  if_serializer use is deprecated?

Dillon had patches for this at
I didn't commit them on my branch because it didn't fix the issue that Dillion is having with ath.

> * It still uses our old firmware API via wrapper functions, as I
>  didn't know how to create the firmware modules needed with the new API.
>  Therefore the patch brings kern_firmware.c back into the kernel
>  build, but all this can easily be switched to the new API.

See sys/tools/fw_stub.awk in FreeBSD.

> * sysctl's are not removed on module unload, so when unloading/loading
>  I get warnings about reusing sysctl leafs. I didn't find the
>  relevent code in the other drivers, so maybe I'm missing something
>  here.

ath needs this too, IIRC, so you're not missing anything.

> * The alloc_unr()/free_unr() stuff is just commented out. Are there
>  any plans to bring in this API from FreeBSD?

This facility seems to be pretty straightforward to port. I'll let someone else comment on the desirability.

Rui Paulo

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