HEADS UP: BIND Removal. Short instructions for migration to pkgsrc-BIND

Jan Lentfer Jan.Lentfer at web.de
Sun Apr 11 12:14:15 PDT 2010

As already announced I will push in my BIND removal patch-set to master 
in the next few days. So anyone running a base-BIND on their system and 
upgrading their world after I pushed that in will end up with no named 
binary around anymore.

So I compiled a step by step guide on how to migrate your existing BIND 
installation for use with pkgsrc binaries. You should actually do this 
BEFORE upgrading world as this will give you the least downtime for the 
name service.

This is how I did it on my system which is a rather small environment. 
Some dozen name entries and aliases for my local network, other than 
that I have DNSSEC look-aside configured using dlv.isc.org and that is 
about it. So be aware that this is how it WORKED FOR ME, but ymmv.

Also: The version of BIND in base is 9.5.2, I directly upgraded to 9.6.1 
from pkgsrc and it worked without touching my conf files at all. But 
again, depending on your setup, ymmv.

If you are not running a BIND installation on your system but you are 
using tools like host, nslookup and so on it will be sufficient to just 
install some version of BIND from pkgsrc and make sure your scripts's 
PATH are correct. You could also switch your scripts to use drill which 
will be part of base after I pushed my patch-set in.

I am quite sure I (once again) forgot something important, so take these 
instructions with a grain of salt. They are not meant to be used "with 
brains shut off".



Go to /usr/pksrc/net/bind96 (or bind95) and install the BIND package

# bmake all install clean

Copy or link the rc script to /etc/rc.d/
# ln -s /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/named9 /etc/rc.d/
Stop your base-BIND
# /etc/rc.d/named stop
edit /etc/rc.conf  remove named_enable="YES", then add

named_flags="-c named.conf"
The BIND packaged from pkgsrc is running with user named instead of 
bind, so..
# chown -R named /etc/namedb

Start you pkgsrc-BIND
# /etc/rc.d/named9 start
Test your setup with host, dig and so on. Check for a running named 
process with ps. Error messages should go to /var/log/messages usually.

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