dhcp from OpenBSD

VOROSKOI Andras voroskoi at gmail.com
Sun May 25 15:12:06 PDT 2008

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 11:14 PM, Matthew Dillon
<dillon at apollo.backplane.com> wrote:
>    * dhcpd and dhcrelay exist in pkgsrc and work?  Did I understand that
>      correctly?  If so then I agree that they should NOT be placed in the
>      base system but should simply be used from pkgsrc.

So we agree in that. I'll send patches for these removals when
dhclient is ready.

>    * With regards to NetBSD's new dhcpcd 4.0.0-beta5, my recommendation
>      is that we not worry about it at the moment but I'd like to see what
>      Andras thinks about it after taking a quick look, since he is
>      currently our point man with the dhcp work.

The OpenBSD code is a rewrite of the ISC dhclient, so works the same
way most the time. I mean the config files and so.
OTOH dhcpcd is a clean, fresh code with regular releases. I think
having regular releases makes it easier to maintain the code. But I'm
not sure the config method is the same, also the binary name is
different so we should adjust our rc files to use it.

>    At the moment I think that the current dhclient work by Matthias and
>    Andras should be brought into the base system.  It represents a great
>    deal of effort by two individuals and should not go to waste.  If at some
>    later point the new privilage-separated code from OpenBSD becomes a
>    clear winner we can always port that, but we do not want to get into
>    the situation where we string along our porters with ever-new versions
>    of dhcp.  That would be a bit unfair :-)

To make it clear: Matthias ported dhclient from OpenBSD and I used his
work with a newer version. So the dhclient one is the privilege

The dhcpcd client is Roy Marples' work and NetBSD just use the code.
As for now I think dhcpcd would suit for us as we can keep it in
contrib and update it on releases. But I do not want to make final
statement till I check them both. I think we are not in a rush.

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