Kick dhcpd in base ? [was: Re: OpenBSD dhclient]

Chris Turner c.turner at
Thu Mar 20 05:25:47 PDT 2008

Hasso Tepper wrote:
Bring in dhcpd from OpenBSD. Quite nice small thing with privilege 
separation, pf(4) integration etc which should be enough for most of 
dhcpd users. It's not completely safe path though - AFAIK it's based on 
isc dhcpd 2, so there are certainly some features missing. 

Like handling domain names beginning with digits..

(see previous post from me on this issue)

will the PF integration work ?
our PF is not really up to date w/r/t things like tagging, etc..
if someone wants to pull up the Open dhcpd.conf parser ...

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