Kick dhcpd in base ? [was: Re: OpenBSD dhclient]

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Thu Mar 20 02:28:27 PDT 2008

* Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     Ok then, go ahead and replace it in HEAD.

The import of the OpenBSD dhclient will break world for now.  Replacing
the dhcp client will break building usr.sbin/dhcp, because needed files
are gone.  My question now: is it worth to fix usr.sbin/dhcp or
should we kick it from the base?

I personally would kick it.  The version is out-of-date (3.0.2rc3
imported by joerg@ 3 years ago).  I use pkgsrc/net/isc-dhcp4 on my
machines and it works fine.  Comments?



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