OpenBSD dhclient

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Mar 15 15:17:01 PDT 2008

:now the release is over, so here is one of the items I had in my submit
:queue: the import of the OpenBSD dhclient.
:It is a clean rewrite (in some parts) of the ISC dhclient and contains
:nice features like privilege separation.  IIRC Hasso also discovered an
:issue with our dhclient, but I can't remember what is was :)  I have the
:client running on a number of machines for some months and experienced
:no problems.
:To build the OpenBSD dhclient you need a recent kernel (sys/net/bpf.c,
:rev 1.43) and you need to rebuild world and kernel.  To install the
:client perform the following steps:
:# cd /usr/src/sbin
:# fetch
:# mv dhclient dhclient.isc
:# tar xfz sbin_dhclient.tgz
:# cd dhclient
:# make && make install
:dhclient will complain about a missing _dhcp user but will fallback to
:nobody.  If we're going to import the dhclient I'll add the appropriate
:	matthias

    I think you should bring it into our tree but under a different name so
    people can mess with it without wiping the current dhclient.  That
    way much wider testing can occur.   Maybe call it 'ndhclient' for
    the moment?

    Ultimately if we decide to scrap the current dhclient we can rename
    ndhclient to dhclient.  For now we want flexibility to ease testing.


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