[patch] clear direction flag for signal handlers

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Mar 10 17:12:20 PDT 2008

:Aggelos Economopoulos wrote:
:> BTW, any opinions on how we could reduce the code duplication between pc32/*
:> and vkernel/i386 (and maybe pc64/amd64) piecemeal?

    There actually isn't a whole lot of commonality.  What we MUST avoid is
    trying to have a single piece of code with a lot of #ifdef's in it.  We also
    really have to avoid to much cross-wiring, where code in one platform's Makefile
    directly references code in another.  It's a real mistake to do that because
    it means making changes in one architecture will wind up having a huge and
    probably unintended effect on the others.  It's all about code maintainance.

    When I created vkernel I put a ton of common code in the cpu/ infrastructure,
    and moved other more machine-independant bits out of platform/pc32 and into the
    mainline kernel itself.  I didn't separate absolutely everything but I got enough
    of it.


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