[PATCH] amd64 port kernel build/link patches

Yonghong Yan noah.yan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 16:59:27 PDT 2007

not seeing feedback of this patch and i tend to commit them and move
on :), deal?


On 9/13/07, Noah yan <noah.yan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Please check the attached three patches that are for the amd64 kernel
> build and linking.
> The patch.syssys includes patches for files that are platform
> independent. but all changes are about the #ifdef, e.g. add
> defined(__amd64).
> patch.kmod is for sys/conf/kmod.mk, i.e to add amd64-specific kld
> module linking targets. please help double check this.
> The big patch.amd64 includes patches of files from sys/cpu/amd64,
> sys/platform/pc64, sys/emulation/linux/amd64 and
> sys/config/AMD64_GENERIC. They are all amd64/pc64 specific. Other than
> the header files, most of those sources are dummy code and we include
> them just to make the kernel linked. These dummy codes requires
> completely redo work so you probably donot want to spend time on
> codes that are going to be trashed soon :).
> they did not break the i386 world/kernel build and i upgraded my box
> from them without any trouble.
> Thanks
> Yonghong

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