i386 support removal

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Nov 7 09:44:16 PST 2007

:Some time ago, while looking at others (BSDs, Linux) removing 386 CPU
:support from kernels I took a look what it will take to remove it from
:DragonFly kernel. It was quite easy, but as I don't see much point of it
:at that moment (as I remove all *_CPU options except I686_CPU from my
:kernels anyway), I didn't bother to submit it. But I also remember some
:discussion that DragonFly doesn't run on 386 CPUs anyway although I can't
:find the reference.
:It has been sitting my patch queue since then and as I want to cut my
:queue to minimum, I'm submitting it now - to either commit or to drop
:from my patchqueue. 
:Hasso Tepper



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