Second patch for CARP

Sascha Wildner saw at
Tue May 29 14:46:14 PDT 2007

Baptiste Ritter wrote:
- As Sacha Wildner suggest to Jonathan, we should add IFM_CARP to
  ifmedia(4) man page. But, on reading other BSD man pages, they didn't
  do that ; Should it be or not, and what add ? (According to the fact
  that IFM_CARP is a "virtual" media")
Never mind IFM_CARP. At the time I suggested this to Jonathan, I didn't 
check NetBSD (which, as you noted, didn't put this in their ifmedia(4)).

- English is not our native language and the man page of PFSYNC from
  DragonflyBSD is not the same than others BSD. So I added a paragraph
  with CARP (imported from FreeBSD man page) ; It is just an example "in
  the middle of nowhere in the man page" ; I find that a little bit
  strange, may be there is a better choice...
Don't worry. Looks fine and we can sort the details out afterwards. 
Let's see what Scott finds in testing the patch.



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