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Simon corecode Schubert corecode at
Sun May 6 08:33:36 PDT 2007

+++ Matthew Dillon [05/05/07 09:19 -0700]:
>     There is no easy way to determine whether the program is threaded
>     or not short of adding a flag to say 'yah, this program did some LWP
>     ops at some point so treat it as if it were threaded'.  This could
>     be done by inserting another 'short' field in the ktrace structure
>     (see that 'short' declaration in the structure?  The structure is
>     probably being realigned after that declaration so we might as well
>     insert another 'short' there for a flags field).

Oh, that might be easy.  I'd track this in kdump, not in the kernel.  Just
remember if there was ever a tid != 0 for a particular proc and if so, start
using the extended output.  I recall that strace is doing something like this
when tracing procs with fork tracing switched on.  Maybe also not using 6
digits unconditionaly (dunno, just skimmed the patch) but scaling up to the
needed amount could help.


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