multi-vkd support patch for review

Thomas E. Spanjaard tgen at
Sun Jan 28 05:06:06 PST 2007

C.Turner wrote:
  - arbitrary VKERNEL tty's via a fifo for 'detached' operation
Some people might argue that's what GNU screen is for, and fifos might 
not be the ideal way (plus, they're not ttys).

  - auto host-side pf rulesets on vkernel startup 
    (to constrain the vkernels)
This is possible, there are already many programs (on OpenBSD) hooking 
in to pf (e.g., openbgpd).

  - expanding vkd's into some kind of spoofed cam / scsi bus 
    to allow for 'hotswap' vkds , etc.
CAM isn't particularly nice though.

  - importing KAME SCTP, if there's any use for it and I'm capable of
    it.. (that one just got in my head somehow.. *cough* syslink
transport ..?? ;)
We already have SCTP support in-tree :).

@@ -159,7 +161,8 @@
 				netifFile[netifFileNum++] = optarg;
 		case 'r':
-			rootImageFile = optarg;
+			if ( vkdFileNum < VKD_MAX )
+				vkdFile[vkdFileNum++] = optarg;
 		case 'm':
 			Maxmem_bytes = strtoull(optarg, &suffix, 0);
Why not if (vkdFileNum < VKD_MAX) { vkdFile[vkdFileNum] = optarg; 
vkdFileNum++; }; ? Because now it appears '16' is a valid number, where 
you start counting from 0, meaning a maximum of 17 devices...

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        tgen at
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