ACPI-CA update patch for review

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Tue Jan 16 04:02:09 PST 2007

YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:
While looking around, I found that AcpiEnterSleepStateS4Bios() has
similar spin loop at the bottom, but with a call to AcpiOsStall()
(== DELAY()) before AcpiGetRegister().  So I tried adding it to
AcpiEnterSleepState() too, and to my amazement, the problem went away.
I tried several ten times of suspending and waking up the laptop,
but I'm no longer able to reproduce it.  My question, though, is why
why just a DELAY() makes any difference (ISTR making gd_spinlocks_wr
volatile didn't solve the problem).
I still can't resume with this patch.  It hangs after acpi_cmbat0: initialized (or so).  However, with some modifications before i managed to get it to panic within fork1()/vm_page_insert(), so I guess that's further down the road.  Not sure what I changed so that I could reproduce this...

When the system hangs, the keyboard is dead as well, so I can't break to ddb or such.

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