915resolution support for DragonFly

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Mon Feb 5 12:26:09 PST 2007

Sergey Glushchenko wrote:
Last night I have been porting 915resolution to DragonFly. It works well on my laptop.
The patch against pkgsrc was sent to pkgsrc-users@ and here is the reply:
oops :)

I ported that last year so that i could use my laptop.  somehow i forgot to share it, and now I lost it :)  well, once again I guess.

I wonder, do we want to have memmem(3) in our libc? If yes, then I can make a
port from FreeBSD (it won't be hard, I think). If no, could someone propose better
resolution to get 915resolution support in pkgsrc for DragonFly?
yes, roll your own version of memmem.  otherwise 915resolution will only be supported on dragonfly-1.9

i'll see if i can come up with a proper port

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