Patch to bring if_bridge up to date more

Scott Ullrich geekgod at
Tue Jun 20 16:49:31 PDT 2006

Scott Ullrich wrote:

I have a patch to bring if_bridge up to date a bit more.

New features include:

* better handling of fragmented packets
* newer spanning tree support
* txcsum fixes
* monitor mode (multiplex bpf)
* spanports
Get the patch from:
Patch originally adapted from a version done by Andrew Thompson
With-help-from: @corecode, @sephe, thompsa at xxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks to the work done prior in ifconfig, this patch required no
changes. :)
If no objections, I would like to commit by Friday 30, 2006.

Patch has been updated!

New features:

 * Use bit operations to get a locally administered address
 * GIF interfaces can now be used as span port members


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