sys/select.h patch

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Jun 10 10:44:30 PDT 2006

:features of this patch ;)
:1) Make sys/select.h POSIX compatible
:2) Move selinfo stuff to the separate header sys/selinfo.h

    Ok, I'll commit nearly all of this, but I am going to keep the
    select prototype in <unistd.h> (it will also be in sys/select.h),
    at least for the moment, because the BSD documentation has always 
    indicated that that is where select() lives.

    We can consider removing the prototype from unistd.h as a separate issue.

:3) Fix namespace pollution in games/larn


:In fact, select() moved from unistd.h to sys/select.h,
:and also fd_set struct and FD_* macros moved from sys/types.h to
:sys/select.h, as it required by
:It's a preparation for the further pselect work, requested at project

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