[patch] 81 occurances of lines ending in ;; (double semicolon) found in tree

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Thu Aug 3 09:44:01 PDT 2006

Bill Marquette wrote:
Actually, there were more, but I left contrib alone figuring that it
would make life more difficult for merging from upstream later.  For
the same reason crypto/openssl is probably best left alone, but I
included it in my patch all the same as it wasn't in contrib.  Ran md5
against some of the prior/post binaries - no binary change (as
Patch is too large for email IMO, it can be found at:

Thanks for the patch. I've committed it with the following changes:

* I've left out crypto/ since it is security related 3rd party stuff 
(similar to contrib/).

* I've found one occurence of '; ;' which I replaced as well.



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