Update of hier(7) man page

Victor Balada Diaz victor at bsdes.net
Tue Aug 8 12:14:07 PDT 2006

this is an update of the hier(7) man page. It now talks about pkgsrc
and no longer talks about ports. There are also some more fixes like
the path of the version of kerberos (now DragonFly use kerberos5).

La prueba más fehaciente de que existe vida inteligente en otros
planetas, es que no han intentado contactar con nosotros. 
diff -r 6be6644ac392 share/man/man7/hier.7
--- a/share/man/man7/hier.7	Tue Aug 08 16:58:59 2006 +0000
+++ b/share/man/man7/hier.7	Tue Aug 08 17:36:25 2006 +0200
@@ -75,10 +75,6 @@ default system configuration files;
 default system configuration files;
 .Xr rc 8
-.It Pa gnats/
-gnats configuration files;
-.Xr send-pr 1
 .It Pa isdn/
 isdn4bsd configuration files;
@@ -250,10 +246,6 @@ definition of RPC service structures; se
 .It Pa security/
 PAM; see
 .Xr pam 8
-.It Pa ss/
-.Sq subsystem
-library, part of Kerberos IV.
 .It Pa sys/
 system C include files (kernel data structures)
 .\" .It Pa tcl/
@@ -360,21 +352,24 @@ see
 .It Pa local/
 local executables, libraries, etc.
-Also used as the default destination for the
-ports framework.
 Within local/, the general layout sketched out by
 .Xr hier 7
 for /usr
 should be used.  Exceptions are the man directory (directly under local/
-rather than under local/share/), ports documentation (in share/doc/<port>/),
+rather than under local/share/), documentation (in share/doc/<app>/),
 and /usr/local/etc (mimics /etc).
 .It Pa obj/
 architecture-specific target tree produced by building the /usr/src tree
-.It Pa ports/
-ports collection (optional).
+.It Pa pkg/
+default destination directory for the pkgsrc framework.
+Within local/, the general layout sketched out by
+.Xr hier 7
+for /usr
+should be used.  Exceptions are the man directory (directly under pkg/
+rather than under pkg/share/), documentation (in share/doc/<port>/),
+and /usr/pkg/etc (mimics /etc).
+.It Pa pkgsrc/
+The NetBSD pkgsrc framework (optional).
 .It Pa sbin/
 system daemons & system utilities (executed by users)
 .It Pa share/
@@ -403,47 +398,9 @@ see
 .It Pa doc/
 miscellaneous documentation;
-source for most of the printed
-manuals (available
-from the
-.Bl -tag -width Fl -compact
-.It Pa FAQ/
-Frequently Asked Questions
-.It Pa IPv6/
-implementation notes for IPv6
-.It Pa bind/
-documents pertaining to BIND (the Berkeley Internet Name Domain)
-.It Pa es/
-Spanish translations of documents in /usr/share/doc
+.Bl -tag -width Fl -compact
 .It Pa handbook/
-.It Pa ja/
-Japanese translations of documents in /usr/share/doc
-.It Pa ncurses/
-HTML documents pertaining to ncurses;
-.Xr ncurses 3X
-.It Pa ntp/
-HTML documents pertaining to the Network Time Protocol
-.It Pa papers/
-UNIX Papers
-.It Pa psd/
-UNIX Programmer's Supplementary Documents
-.It Pa ru/
-Russian translations of documents in /usr/share/doc
-.It Pa smm/
-UNIX System Manager's Manual
-.It Pa tutorials/
-.It Pa usd/
-UNIX User's Supplementary Documents
-.It Pa zh/
-Chinese translations of documents in /usr/share/doc
+A copy of the handbook
 .It Pa examples/
@@ -484,10 +441,6 @@ national language support files;
 national language support files;
 .Xr mklocale 1
-.It Pa perl/
-perl library files;
-.Xr perl 1
 .It Pa sendmail/
 sendmail configuration files;
@@ -552,8 +505,8 @@ Utilities covered by the GNU General Pub
 Utilities covered by the GNU General Public License
 .It Pa include/
 source code for files in /usr/include
-.It Pa contrib/
-source code for kerberos version IV
+.It Pa kerberos5/
+source code for kerberos version 5
 .It Pa lib/
 source code for files in /usr/lib
 .It Pa libexec/
@@ -578,23 +531,6 @@ source code for files in /usr/bin
 .It Pa usr.sbin/
 source code for files in /usr/sbin
-.It Pa X11R6/
-X11R6 distribution executables, libraries, etc (optional).
-.Bl -tag -width "include/" -compact
-.It Pa bin/
-X11R6 binaries (servers, utilities, local packages/ports).
-.It Pa etc/
-X11R6 configuration files and scripts.
-.It Pa include/
-X11R6 include files.
-.It Pa lib/
-X11R6 libraries.
-.It Pa man/
-X11R6 manual pages.
-.It Pa share/
-architecture-independent files.
 .It Pa /var/
 multi-purpose log, temporary, transient, and spool files

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