80211 patch1

Sepherosa Ziehau sepherosa at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 04:03:22 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I have managed to port fbsd6's net80211, based on patch sumbitted by
Andrew Atrens and Adrian Michael Nida

Please try following patch:

1) This patch is against src/ *not* against src/sys/
2) Please don't forget "-p0" in the `patch' command
3) Please compile kernel/modules with INVARANTS
4) There is a noticable change in ifconfig(8): if you use WEP,
'weptxkey' option *must* be supplied now

This patch is quite gross and will be rearranged at a later time.  In
this stage, I just want to assert that 80211 layer in DragonFly needs
*no* extra serialize/mutex mechanism due to the nature of the NIC's
serialization framework

awi(4) is unhooked both in GENERIC and LINT temporarily
If you have an awi(4) and can help testing, please let me know, thanks

For people that have ral(4) and want to give it a try, please take a look at:

I have tested acx(4), wi(4) and ral(4).  The rest of the drivers
compile cleanly, please test them, thanks

WPA's functionality is tested with an ral(4).  I don't have an AP that
supports WPA2, so if you have one please test it, thanks

WPA is supported for iwi(4) and ral(4) currently, `wpa_supplicant' and
a brief tutorial (written by Sam Leffler) is at:
NOTE: you can build `wpa_supplicant' in wpa_supp/ *not* in wpa_supplicant/

Thank Sam Leffler and many other people for their great work
Thank Andrew Atrens and Adrian Michael Nida for submitting the patch

Live Free or Die

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