Makefile consistency

Simon Schubert corecode at
Sat Sep 3 12:33:13 PDT 2005

On 03.09.2005, at 21:07, Carl A. Schmidt wrote:
I have started with one simple change from MAKE_KERBEROS5 to 
making the option consistent with most of the other options.  This
changes the logic of the Makefiles where MAKE_KERBEROS5 appeared to on
by default, but I also adjusted etc/defaults/make.conf to have
NO_KERBEROS by default.  I don't know if that's the correct way to go
about disabling things by default or not, but it seemed to make sense.
Thanks for your submission, but it won't work this way.  if NO_KERBEROS 
is defined in /etc/defaults/make.conf, then you won't be able to 
undefine it lateron.  While it would be good to have only one way of 
logic, this unfortunately doesn't work how you'd like it.

Also, what's the preference as far as patches go?  Is it preferred to
have one big patch or multiple small patches?  I suck at CVS so all I
could put together right now was small patches for each file modified,
and I expect this isn't what's preferred...
Usually one big patch per changeset.  cvs diff -u gives you the changes 
that you made before.

If possible, please send patches with Content-Disposition: inline.

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